AndFriends is an experience design studio, born to shake the design industry by crafting creative experiences that redefine how we tell stories and enhances the value of our culture and communities.

We are operated by a collective of skilled artists and resilient entrepreneurs with over 20 years of experience in creative agencies, event programming, brand creation, product design and cognitive technology.

Through unconventional story-telling we are able to connect brands and consumers, rewriting the narrative and building authentic connections to contemporary arts & culture. 

From concept to execution, we partner with you in defining strategies to cohesively connect the brand online and offline experience to grow revenue, awareness and community involvement.



Experience design is not driven by a single design discipline. Instead, it requires a cross-discipline perspective that considers multiple aspects of the brand, business, environment and experience from product, packaging and retail environment to the clothing and attitude.

AndFriends Partner Lifecycle & Capabilities


  • Concept and brand and IP development

  • Creative Direction and Strategy

  • Brand applications & Product Design

  • Experiential Marketing

  • Event Production

  • Ticketing & E-commerce

  • Sponsorship, Funding & Donations


  • Project management

  • Art Direction Installations

  • Product Design

  • Fabrication, production and distribution 

  • Content Production & Coordination

  • Experience Digital, technology, retail & Entertainment

  • Data aggregation, psychographics, ROI & Intelligence


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